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New Zealand law firms traditionally operated nominee companies where client funds were invested in contributory loans. During the 1990s, nominee companies became increasingly regulated and burdensome to manage. To deal with this, some firms transferred their nominee companies to mortgage trusts.

FMT is one such trust. Three local law firms: Sharp Tudhope, Cooney Lees Morgan and Holland Beckett Law established the business in 1996. Edmonds Judd of Te Awamutu and Edmonds Marshall of Matamata subsequently joined.

The investor clients and borrowers of the five firms’ nominee companies were transferred into FMT and the business was born.

First Mortgage Trust is managed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

Based in Tauranga, FMT is:

First Mortgage Trust has a proven history in providing returns to investors that have been above those offered by trading banks on a one year deposit. We lend only on first registered mortgages on residential, commercial and rural land and buildings.

First Mortgage Trust has built a niche market focused on its ability to remain flexible within its lending criteria. This flexibility has enabled, first mortgage loan advances to be made available across a range of residential, commercial and rural properties, including a wide range of business activities.

Our relatively conservative loan to valuation ratios ensures that risk to the investor is minimised as far as practicable. We have exposure throughout New Zealand, which gives us a good geographical spread, helping to level out any local economic factors thus ensuring a cross section of property types.

From our head offices in Tauranga we utilise a wide range of highly experienced contacts including solicitors, accountants, financial advisors and mortgage brokers throughout New Zealand. We are able to respond quickly and personally to any comments or queries people may have during normal business hours. We have real people answering the telephone and are able to answer your queries, and if not, transfer you to the person who can or get back to you in a timely manner.

We strongly advise you read all documents carefully, ask questions and seek appropriate advice before committing yourself.

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