Investment Security

with First Mortgage Trust

First mortgage investments You have the security of investing in first mortgages secured over land and buildings. We do not lend on consumer goods such as appliances, used cars, etc.

Land based securities traditionally provide some of the most secure forms of investment security. By investing through First Mortgage Trust you have the comfort of knowing that borrowers from the Trust have mortgaged their land to the Trust to provide security for your investment.

Spread of risk  By pooling your funds with other investors, your investment is spread across the whole mortgage portfolio. Risk is also spread by diversification of first mortgage investments across accepted property types and locations, e.g: commercial, office, industrial, retail, residential and farming properties throughout New Zealand. This means that if there is a poor return from any one mortgage, the impact is spread across the whole mortgage portfolio and is less likely to have a significant effect on the overall income you earn from your investment.

Reserve fund  Although conservative lending policies will be maintained, we have a reserve fund to help meet possible losses on individual loans. A very small part of the Trust's income is set aside each year and accumulated within the reserve fund. The accumulation of the reserve fund will not usually have a material effect on income distributions. A larger amount may be contributed to the reserve fund if the manager considers it prudent. This may have a material effect on income distribution.

Investor protection  Your interests in First Mortgage Trust are monitored by New Zealand's oldest independent Trustee Company, Trustees Executors Ltd, acting under a Trust Deed, and by independent auditors, KPMG.

First Mortgage PIE Trust's trustee is New Zealand Permanent Trustees Limited which is owned by Public Trust.

Invest smart with First Mortgage Trust.

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