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First Mortgage Trust is a non bank mortgage lender, providing competitive interest rates, flexible loan terms, quick turn-around, minimal paperwork and capitalised interest options on first mortgage finance and pride ourselves on our professional, friendly service.

Whether you need money for residential, commercial, industrial or rural property, and security is provided on a first mortgage on land and/or buildings, First Mortgage Trust can help with 3 principal loan types which include:

Interest Only Mortgage You will only make payments that cover the interest.

Principal and Interest mortgage  You will make payments each month during the term of the loan that cover the interest and reduce the principal balance. Although our loans are for a maximum of 4 years (usually renewable), repayments may be calculated over a period of up to 25 years.

Equity Release - Unlock Your Equity  Our FMT Retirement Loan is a floating rate home loan secured by First Mortgage over your home. It costs a little more than a regular home loan and in addition there will be a small monthly charge for administration, however, ask yourself a few questions:

- Is your home your security, and represents your independence?

- Does your home represents most of your wealth?

- Are you not yet ready to move to a smaller home?

- Have your cash reserves run low, but not wishing to downsize for the sake of a little extra cash?

- Are you 68 years of age or older, and the bank has no interest in lending you money?

- Would you love to visit your grandchildren or family overseas but don't have the spare cash to do so?

- Would you like to provide financial assistance for your family?

- Do you have a medical complaint that needs urgent attention but the public health waiting list is years long?

- Does your beloved car finally need replacing after years of faithful service?

If any of these are a reality for you then First Mortgage Trust's FMT Retirement Loan could be an option for you. Having been designed to meet your needs, you can use some of your equity to make your life more enjoyable yet still retain the home you love (Special conditions apply - Contact First Mortgage Trust to discuss).

We look forward to hearing from you.

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